2016 Oak Hard Hat Award

The Layton Construction Oak Hard Hat Safety Award recognizes the project teams that best exemplify Layton's safe practices. This year's winner is Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona.

David S. Layton
David S. Layton
President and CEO

“Our team has been on-site at Cibola Vista for 3 years without a recordable incident,” said David S. Layton, President and CEO of Layton Construction Company. “Their commitment and the commitment of the other nominees to safety has been outstanding.

“At Layton Construction, safety is job one. If it isn't safe, we just won't do it. We stop what we're doing, and we figure out a way to do it safely and correctly. That's the pledge we make to you – and we make to each other – to be safe on and off the job. We want our employees and the employees of our subcontractor partners to come home safe to their families every night.”

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The Layton Construction 2016 Oak Hard Hat Award goes to the team at Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria, Arizona, which has gone 3 years without an incident.

Top 5 Finalists

Cibola Vista Team

David Blaser, Executive Vice President
Jose Mendez, Sr. Project Manager
Tanner Stewart, Project Manager
Robert Romero, Sr. Superintendent
Bryan Lewallen, Superintendent
Justin Beall, Project Engineer
Nic Erickson, Project Engineer
Cody Pillsbury, Project Engineer
Paul Jackson, Safety Manager