Kearns, UT


267,000 SF

Contract Value

$30 M


Utah Olympic Oval

In 2002, the most visible icon of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games – the Utah Olympic Oval – shone as a testament to Layton’s quality. During the Games, world records were shattered by athletes as a direct result of Layton’s experience and attention to detail to the concrete placement and cooling system beneath the expanse of ice.


Inside the facility, Layton constructed two full-size hockey rinks within a 400-meter speed skating oval and a full two-story administration building with team locker rooms on the basement level.

There are several items unique to this project. Engineering and specifications were developed to ensure the ice slab quality and finish on the refrigerated oval speed skating track. The concrete of the 400-meter track was poured in one continuous pour to prevent seams in the concrete. Seams affect the composition of the ice and cause slower skate times.

Another unique feature is the cable-stayed suspended roof structure. Twenty-four masts each stand 108’ tall and support the entire weight of the 655’ long structure – making it the largest indoor facility of its kind in the state.

The Utah Olympic Oval was the first LEED-certified building in the state of Utah, and at completion was the largest LEED-certified structure on the planet.