Salt Lake City, UT


250,000 SF

Total Construction Costs

$334 M

Tier IV


Topaz Data Center

Our contract with this online retail global firm prevents us from divulging certain confidential facts. However, media reports have indicated this is a 250,000 SF facility with a project budget of $334,000,000. Layton was awarded the concrete package for this massive data center project, and performed over 55,000 man hours – just in layout and concrete placement. This effort consisted of 13,000 cubic yards of placed concrete, including 382,000 SF of slabs.

The LEED-Gold Certified data center meets the company’s high standards for environmental sustainability. The facility hosts the company's core technology, including the website for the world's largest online marketplace, and a related online payment website.

The company reports that its transactions total approximately $60 billion per year in goods, which translates to almost $2,000 per second in online transactions..