Santa Paula, CA


30,000 SF

Contract Value

$22 M


DBIA Western Pacific - Best Project - Water Award 2011

Environmental Business Journal 2010 Business Achievement Award

Environmental Business Journal 2009 Business Achievement Award - Sustainability & Resource Protection

Global Water Intelligence - Water Deal of the Year 2009


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Santa Paula Water Recycling Facility

The Santa Paula Water Recycling Facility spans an approximately 35-acre site, which includes three percolation ponds (covering 16 acres total), seven open acres incorporated into the design to leave space for future use by the city of Santa Paula and an 11,000 SF entry water feature. The innovative design utilizes a footprint of less than two acres of a 12,162 SF treatment facility and conceals a 28,800 SF underground tank, which blends in with the surrounding community.

The recycling plant itself is designed for 3.4 millions of gallons per day (MGD) with expandability to 4.2 MGD. The plant has all new utilities, including fire, water, power, cable and gas, as well as features including an influent sewer lift system, three digester, anoxic and aerobic tanks each, a UV disinfection tank and system, a foam control system and a two-flow equalization tank and membrane bioreactor. The plant includes administration buildings, including a control building with office space, lockers and restrooms, conference rooms and a receiving area and a headworks building, which contains above-ground equipment as well as an odor controls system.