Ely, NV


300,000 SF

Contract Value

$52 M


Ely Maximum Security Prison

Literally a self-contained city, the Ely Maximum Security Prison is located near Ely, Nevada, and consists of 18 buildings, a central plant with boiler and cooling facilities and complete water and sewage disposal systems on more than 80 acres.

This remote project was governed by tight schedules and rigid specifications. The buildings are constructed of concrete masonry units and precast concrete. Layton precast nearly 2,000 pieces at the jobsite and in Salt Lake City. Phase II was awarded as a negotiated contract resulting in delivery of 500 additional detention beds one year following the completion of Phase I.

Ely State Prison currently has four hundred six (406) employee positions. The institution is considered to be a major employer in the region, and staff are significantly involved in community activities. Ely State Prison's total capacity is 1,150 inmates.