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Layton Ranked No. 47 on Latest Concrete Construction CC100 List

July 19, 2010

Layton Construction Co., Inc. is ranked No. 47 on the latest CC100 list, published in the July 2010 issue of Concrete Construction magazine. The list, published annually, recognizes the top 100 commercial concrete contractors in the United States based on 2009 revenues. Layton reported $43.9 million in concrete work of a total of $731.7 million in revenues for 2009. Six percent of Layton's revenues come from concrete work.

The majority of applicants for this year's CC100 list reported even deeper losses for 2009 than 2008, and only a small few reflected positive revenue compared to last year. The total revenue for CC100 companies was down 18 percent in 2009 due to losses nearly across the board from concrete subcontractors and general contractors. Of those among the top 100, only 11 companies noted substantial growth from 2008, eight stayed flat and 81 reported revenue declines. Additionally, concrete-related revenue for the entire CC100 list was down 26 percent, compared to revenues down 6 percent for the 20 largest commercial contractors. These reports show that the woes impacting the construction industry have not gone away entirely. A lack of consumer confidence, increased competition for less and less jobs and a lack of financing continue to severely impact the industry.

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Layton maintains one of the largest concrete crews in the Intermountain West and believes that the quality of concrete work is directly connected to the success of a project. Layton's concrete crews distinguish themselves from other contractors and subcontractors through the use of continuous training, employing full-time concrete specialists, utilizing pre-task planning prior to all pours and holding post-placement meetings after each concrete pour to discuss lessons learned. Layton is consistently recognized with awards for its self-performed concrete work.