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Layton Construction and Utah Labor Commission Sign Comprehensive Safety and Health Partnership Agreement

March 5, 2010

Representatives from Layton Construction Co., Inc. and the Utah Labor Commission Occupational Safety and Health Division (Utah OSHA) signed the "Utah Arches Workplace Safety and Health Partnership" document on Feb. 22, 2010, with participation from The Athens Group, who is the developer for Montage Deer Valley.

The signing of the Utah Arches Workplace Safety and Health Partnership document formalizes a cooperative effort between Layton and Utah OSHA towards the improvement of safety and health for contractors and their workers, improving their safety and health performance voluntarily, providing methods to assist them in their efforts to build a culture of safety and health in the workplace and developing safety and health best practices in the Utah construction industry.

"Continually improving our safety performance is part of our 'Constructing with Integrity' philosophy," said Chris Bardin, Layton's corporate safety director. "Proactive partnership agreements like this one take us another step forward in reaching safety excellence for our employees, other crafts and the owners on our projects."

Safety is an important value at Layton Construction. Promoting it as such is a fundamental part of Layton's safety process, most notably with the Layton Injury Free Environment (L.I.F.E.) program, which encourages employees to think about safety both on and beyond the job site. L.I.F.E. encourages employees to strive to make safety a value 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether at work, home or play.

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